How to increase the digital security of your company?

Como aumentar a segurança digital da sua empresa?

Information security is a theme that has been constantly evolving in companies around the world. The new general data protection regulation that came into force in May last year reinforced the need to protect business information. Companies need to ensure that their data is secure, because only in this way can they maintain intact relationships with customers and other stakeholders. But, in an age where threats are more than many, how to increase the digital security of your company?

Do not automatically save passwords

It is much more practical if we record our passwords on the computer we use most often, but it is not a good practice for data security. With some simple steps, any hacker can easily decipher the passwords stored on the computer and thus access private information. The ideal is to use a program that does the management of passwords.

Information Security Policy

The security policy is a document developed by the company that records the principles of security that the company adopts and that must be followed by the employees. The security policy should be applied to all information systems, both desktop and mobile. For the policy to be respected, it is essential that top managers participate in its implementation and that there are clarification sessions on each point in this document. Sanctions should also be created for non-compliant employees, as this will make it easier to ensure that employees comply with all standards.

Use data masking in test environments

Data masking aims at creating a structurally identical version of the data, but not the same as the original version. This technique creates a database with fictitious but realistic information that can be used for testing and training purposes. Data masking solutions offer a variety of sophisticated scrambling techniques to protect sensitive data, irreversibly replacing them with data that is not real, while maintaining the referential integrity of the database. It is increasingly important that companies adopt this technique as computer attacks are becoming more sophisticated, which makes them more unpredictable and more lethal. Datapeers offers a variety of sophisticated scrambling techniques to protect sensitive data, replacing them irreversibly with fictitious but realistic data.

Have a good backup policy

It is essential that the most important information of your company has several copies, so that there is no risk of losing data forever. If you saved the data on external disks or pen drives a few years ago, it is now completely advisable to use the Cloud because it is one of the most reliable and reliable solutions on the market. In addition to having your data stored in a secure location, you can access it from anywhere and from any device, as long as you have access to the Internet.

Extra tip:

As much as the IT manager does his or her best, problems can always exist as computer threats are increasingly sophisticated. A disaster recovery plan can be the salvation of a company. This document contemplates all actions and procedures to be taken in case of failures, in order to recover the IT services without compromising the data. Problems with servers, machine failures and viruses on the network are some of the problems that can happen in a company and compromise all security. RAAS is a solution that allows you to recover virtual servers in seconds, ensuring that no information gets lost even in extreme attack cases.

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