How to prevent an IT accident?

Como prevenir um acidente em TI?

This is the question that all IT managers would love to know how to respond with 100% certainty! Unfortunately, despite all the prevention, it is not always guaranteed that IT accidents will not happen. We live in a digital age that is increasingly dangerous in terms of threats and increasingly unpredictable. For this reason, although it is not possible to eliminate the chances of an attack in the area of ​​IT, it is fundamental to adopt tactics that allow to prevent computer attacks and natural disasters. We have selected the 5 best practices to prevent an IT accident!

Create barriers to data access

It should limit access to information by its employees and each employee should have access only to the data that he really needs to work. Human error is one of the most serious causes for information leakage and IT accidents. With the access limits imposed it will be easier to detect the source of a possible problem.

Use data masking in test environments

Data masking aims at creating a structurally identical version of the data, but not the same as the original version. This technique creates a database with fictitious but realistic information that can be used for testing and training purposes. Data masking solutions offer a variety of sophisticated scrambling techniques to protect sensitive data, irreversibly replacing them with data that is not real, while maintaining the referential integrity of the database. It is increasingly important that companies adopt this technique as computer attacks are becoming more sophisticated, which makes them more unpredictable and more lethal. Datapeers offers a variety of sophisticated scrambling techniques to protect sensitive data, replacing them irreversibly with fictitious but realistic data.

Automate as much as possible to reduce the likelihood of error

Many tasks in the area of ​​information technologies are quite repetitive, which leads to demotivation by human resources. Automating processes is a way to reduce IT costs, since it is not necessary to highlight a collaborator to be exclusively dedicated to monotonous tasks. Automation reduces the time that the tasks take to execute and decreases the probability of human error. This is one of the most effective safety precautions you can implement. In this sector, a new concept begins to emerge: AIOPS. This new term aims at a change of culture to obtain more agile processes. AIOps adds value to organizations. In the future, it will play a very important role in increasing the efficiency of IT teams and will facilitate the adoption of next-generation complex technologies that traditional solutions are unable to cope with.

Information Security Policy

The security policy is a document developed by the company that records the principles of security that the company adopts and that must be followed by the employees. The security policy should be applied to all information systems, both desktop and mobile. For the policy to be respected, it is essential that top managers participate in its implementation and that there are clarification sessions on each point in this document. Sanctions should also be created for non-compliant employees, as this will make it easier to ensure that employees comply with all standards.

Use a disaster recovery solution

Even if you adopt good practices, there is no guarantee that you will not have an IT accident. So we advise you to use a disaster recovery solution. This is a very complete process that guarantees data protection and recovery in case of failures. Backup is part of disaster recovery, but it is only one of its components. Disaster recovery is a very complete solution since in addition to copying the data also ensures its restoration efficiently in case of natural disasters or infrastructure failures. This type of solution has as a great objective to eliminate (or at least to minimize in large scale) the downtime of a company due to failures. RAAS is a disaster recovery service totally managed by specialized equipment and gives you the possibility to recover a virtual server in seconds.

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