Should I invest in a disaster recovery plan?

Será que devo investir num plano de disaster recovery?

The shortest and most direct answer is: yes! Any company that is concerned with the preservation of its data should invest in a disaster recovery plan. Information in companies is increasingly a priority, as it is based on it that we make decisions that can lead a business to success or doom it to failure. And at a time when threats to data privacy are so diverse and sophisticated, we must ensure that we are able to recover the information necessary for the continuity of our business even in extreme scenarios. For this reason, we have prepared this article to explain when your company needs a disaster recovery plan!

If you work with customer personal data, you should invest in a disaster recovery plan

Companies that deal with personal data of customers, partners and suppliers on a daily basis must have a disaster recovery plan, since in case of total or partial loss of data it is almost impossible to return to normal business activity in a short period of time. A company that sees its data exposed or lost will need to recover its good image and regain trust with customers and other stakeholders.

If you care about customer service, invest in disaster recovery

The current consumer is increasingly informed and demanding, so he/she will not tolerate a service that is not available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. An infrastructure outage can mean huge losses for business and important customers. For this reason, you must ensure that even in computer attack or natural disaster scenarios, you can resume normal business activity.

If you want to maintain high levels of performance, use a disaster recovery plan

If there is a computer problem and important files are lost, the only alternative is to redo the work that had already been done previously. This leads to a big drop in productivity. Having an up-to-date backup of the data that can be easily accessed will allow the company’s performance to remain unaffected because even in the event of a computer disaster, employees will have access to the documents they need to work.

If you want to minimize hardware failures, adopt a disaster recovery plan

Even the best equipment on the market is at risk of failure. Unfortunately, 99% of IT professionals have a story to tell about hardware failures. Thus, it is essential that the chosen solution includes actions in case of hardware failures, because only then will it be possible to minimize the damage caused by equipment failures.

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