Get to Know the Stages of a Computer Disaster and Start Protecting Yourself Right Now

Conheça as fases de um desastre informático e comece a proteger-se agora mesmo

All businesses can suffer some kind of disaster, whether natural or caused by human error. The reality is frightening, since most companies are not prepared to act and recover from a disaster, which greatly compromises daily productivity. In more serious cases, the very survival of the company may be compromised. Thus, it is very important that companies have a disaster recovery plan, so they know how to act in extreme situations.

In this article, we will talk about the phases of a computer disaster and give you some tips so you can protect yourself and avoid these situations in the future!

Phase 1: Concern

After a disaster, and if the company is not properly protected, a wave of concern arises. “Did we lose all the data?”: The affirmative answer to this question can result in a fall in productivity and will be reflected in the profit of the company. The company, at this early stage of the computer disaster, feels lost and can not reorganize itself in order to continue producing normally.

Phase 2: acceptance and understanding

After the initial phase of panic and worry, it’s time to look at the real impact the disaster will have on the company. Thus, it is necessary to evaluate what needs to be done, what data have been most affected, among other aspects that are essential for the good functioning of the company.

Phase 3: remake what was already done

This is the stage where you will have to organize the work that had already been done previously. Sometimes a computer disaster makes land work done years ago. It is important to be aware that at this stage the old work and the current job will overlap, which will make the workload of the employees increase significantly. It is necessary to make a good time management so as not to lose the old work and at the same time do not harm the current tasks.

Stage 4: normality

After all the confusion generated by the computer disaster, it’s time to get back to normal. It will not be an easy task, since a computer disaster always leaves sequels, but gradually the company will return to its usual routine. It is crucial that after such a situation, companies protect themselves and ensure that in future disasters they have control over their data.

Disaster Recovery Plans

Disaster recovery plans are essential for planning actions that ensure that a disaster does not interfere with the company’s performance. In addition to this proactive action, disaster recovery plans also have a reactive action, through the action of emergency actions, previously planned and that guarantee the immediate resolution of problems. Disaster recovery is still defined as the set of procedures to be performed in crisis situations. The ultimate goal is to leapfrog your company data so your information stays safe and sound.

“It’s worth more to be safe than sorry” is an absolute truth when it comes to computer disasters. Get to know RAAS and make sure you do not lose valuable information even in the most extreme situations!

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