5 reasons to implement a disaster recovery solution right now

5 razões para implementar agora mesmo uma solução de disaster recovery

We live in a connected world, where the digital revolution has transformed the way we deal with corporate IT resources. Nowadays, the technological tools are much more valued than before and there is a need to preserve the resources physically and digitally. The IT infrastructure is a very delicate tool and it is exposed to several risks. Thus, it must be protected from possible disasters. In today’s article, we give you 5 reasons to implement a disaster recovery solution right now!

Human failure

Most problems with IT infrastructures happen due to human error, and many of these failures occur due to inadequate configuration by the company’s human resources. Thus, since it is impossible to eliminate the probability of human error, the best solution is to implement a disaster recovery solution that will minimize the impact of the mistakes made.

Reduction of costs

It is more economical to deploy virtual machines that are capable of recovering data in the event of a disaster. Before virtualization, recovery costs were three times higher because companies had to have multiple data centers replicating the data. A cloud disaster recovery solution offers more affordable costs and greater efficiency.

Hardware failures

Even the best equipment on the market is in danger of failing. Unfortunately, 99% of IT professionals have a story to tell about hardware failures. Thus, it is essential that the chosen solution contemplate actions in case of hardware failures, because only this way will be possible to minimize the damages caused with the equipment failures.

Loss reduction

The loss of data in a company can be fatal, even leading to its bankruptcy. In addition, a company that sees your data exposed will need to recover its good image and recover the trust with customers and other stakeholders. According to Gartner, only 35% of small and medium-sized companies are betting on a disaster recovery plan and these are the ones that most easily succeed. Thus such a solution is essential to minimize (and in some cases eliminate) the damage caused by the exposure of confidential data.

Increased customer satisfaction

The current consumer is becoming more informed and demanding, so he will not tolerate a service that is not available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. An unavailability of infrastructure can mean large losses of business and important customers.

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