The main advantages of having a backup in the Cloud

As principais vantagens de ter um backup na Cloud

Companies can no longer afford to live without regular backups. The amount of information generated in businesses is increasing and the threats to data security are increasing in higher number. So, companies need to adopt backup tools and the best option currently is to use backup in the Cloud. In today’s article, we discuss the key advantages of having a backup in the Cloud.

Greater mobility

Wherever you are, you can always check your files through a computer or mobile device. You no longer need to carry external USB drives and pens to ensure you have the files you need when traveling. The cloud provides universal access to full-power computing, allowing access to file servers for any user with a device with network access.

Optimization of human resources

Cloud storage frees the IT team for other tasks and leaves it free from problems related to network failures. Storing the files in the cloud means that you do not have maintenance, upgrade and training costs. Everything is done automatically and the probability of errors is greatly reduced.

Constant protection

The cloud backs up automatically and steadily, without having to worry about it. You will not risk losing that document you’ve been working all day long! And you will no longer have to worry about clicking the save button every five minutes!

High levels of safety

A system failure seriously threatens a company’s productivity. In case of failure, important reports can be lost and even with a policy of frequent backups, you may never be able to retrieve essential information for the company. By using a cloud storage and backup system, data is completely safe even in the event of system failures. Your data will always be available and up-to-date and you do not have to worry too much about system failures.

Better communication within the teams

Storing files in the Cloud allows for easier sharing with all colleagues, no need to send large files by email or pass them through USB pens. Because the files are stored in the Cloud, each user can access the files and make the changes they want, and these are automatically saved.

Flexibility of solutions

Several companies provide flexible solutions tailored to the specific needs of each company. So there’s no need for a company to buy more space on the Cloud than it actually needs, which makes it a cost advantage. If you need to increase the storage size in the Cloud, you can easily upgrade it.


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