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How to minimize the impact of a computer disaster

Como minimizar o impacto de um desastre informático

With regard to computer disasters and the consequent loss of data, prevention is always the best solution. More than ever, business information is very valuable, since it is through the data that companies can analyze their audience, define marketing campaigns, make decisions and guide the whole strategy of the business. However, there are more and more threats to information security through more sophisticated computer attacks. And there is still a threat of computer disasters, so it is essential to define strategies to minimize the impact in case of data loss in companies. In today’s article we leave you some strategies to minimize the impact of a computer disaster!

Backup in multiple environments

It is now essential that the most important information of a company has several copies in different environments and formats, so that there is no risk of being lost forever. If you previously saved the data to external disks or to pen’s was enough to ensure that they were safe, nowadays it is advisable to use the Cloud, as it is one of the most reliable solutions in the market. In addition to having your data stored in a secure location, you can access all information from any location and any device, as long as you have access to the Internet. A system crash or an external attack seriously threatens the productivity of a company. In case of failures, important reports and data can be lost forever and even with a policy of frequent backups, you may never be able to recover information that is essential for the company. When using a storage in the Cloud, the data is completely safe even in the most extreme cases of computer disaster.

To condition access to information

In most cases, companies don’t condition access to certain documents by some employees, and this can compromise information security because everyone has access to everything. It is important that each employee has only access to the data that he or she really needs, otherwise, if there is a computer attack, it is difficult to find out where it came from. If all employees have access to the same information, it is much more complicated to understand where the problem came from. It is also essential that companies block access to sensitive information over unsafe public networks. In this way, the probability of suffering external attacks is minimized on a large scale.

Using a disaster recovery service

It is very important to have a recovery service in the Cloud, so that even in the event of computer disasters there is no total loss of data. RAAS, for example, is a dedicated infrastructure with selective replication. This service enables near-instant disaster activation on virtual servers in a remote environment. In this way, even in the case of more extreme disasters, the information is easily recovered, not interfering with the usual performance of the company. RAAS is a service fully managed by a specialized team that gives you the possibility to recover a virtual server in few seconds.

Data masking

Masking the data has the main purpose of protecting confidential data against unauthorized access. In practice, data masking tools create a version similar to the original data in terms of structure but without revealing its true information. In fact, its original format remains unchanged but the data presented is fictitious. Masked data can be used in test and auditing environments without compromising the result of the analysis, but always ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information. In a time when it is increasingly important to protect sensitive information, the use of data masking has increased significantly. The main reason and one that should be the focus of your performance as a manager is the enhanced security of the data. With data masking you can use sensitive data in test environments and ensure that confidential information remains unabated. This masked information may be used for marketing and auditing purposes, as well as for analyzes of consumer behavior and market trends. Even if the data is exposed, anyone reading it will not be reading the true version of the information. Thus, data masking solutions like Datapeers will be increasingly needed in business as they allow you to “hide” true information.

About 30% of people who use a computer have never backed up. Many of these people don’t back up their personal information, but they also don’t guarantee copies of business information. A good technological infrastructure is as important today as having solid foundations that physically support the organization. Nowadays, data is one of the most important assets of a company and it is imperative to invest heavily in data security to survive and win in such a competitive business world. Thinking about the need to protect business data in the most effective way possible, IT PEERS has prepared an e-book where you will find everything you need to know to protect your information!

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