The Most Critical Security Points for Business

Os pontos mais críticos de segurança para grandes empresas

The security of computer systems is critical to ensuring that your information is not lost and that systems do not collapse. A computer crash or the theft of important data can seriously jeopardize the continuity of a business. Increasingly, companies are concerned with using tools that allow them to protect systems and information. However, there are always security vulnerabilities that can compromise the normal running of systems. In today’s article, we talk about the most critical security issues for large companies!

Access to data center

The data center is one of the most important elements for corporate security, so it is vital that it is well protected from natural disasters and from unwanted access. To more effectively protect IT infrastructure, more and more companies choose to put all management in the cloud. In this way, they ensure that the information stays intact and easily retrievable even in more extreme cases.

Natural Threats

Natural threats are always a critical point of security, however much the entrepreneur protects the IT infraestructure, there are always things that will escape his control. The place where the data center is installed needs constant maintenance to minimize the effects of a natural disaster.

Human error

Human failures are the main cause of information leakage and data loss. Opening e-mails with suspicious attachments, clicking on unreliable links, and using removable devices without antivirus protection are the major mistakes that employees do in companies. Thus, it is essential that companies define a rigid security policy so that employees realize the need to protect their information to the maximum extent possible.

Lack of investment

Companies sometimes don’t invest what they should in new hardware and software and the equipment becomes obsolete and more prone to virus entry. It is very important that companies always keep the software they use in the latest available version and watch the market to keep abreast of trends and new security equipment and solutions.

Use of numerous devices

Many employees pass data from the company’s computer to pen drives or to external disks and are not careful enough to endanger not only equipment but also all business information. It is advisable to minimize the use of removable devices. Again, it is advisable to use storage and backup in the Cloud, because this way the data is always available to the whole team and without the risks that the use of pen’s and other devices have!

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