Does your company need a disaster recovery solution?

A sua empresa precisa de uma solução de disaster recovery?

Yes, yes, yes: your company always needs a disaster recovery solution. Cyber ​​attacks are much more sophisticated today than ever before, so it’s critical that companies take steps to ensure that their data stays intact and, above all, that they can be recovered even when they are attacked or are victims of a natural disaster. In today’s article, let’s understand when and why your business needs a disaster recovery solution!

Your company needs a disaster recovery plan if you work daily with personal data

If you work with personal data of clients it is fundamental that you have a disaster recovery plan in your company, since in case of total data loss, it will be practically impossible to return to normal business activity immediately. In addition, a company that sees personal data exposed or lost, will face serious reputational and image damage to its clients, in addition to the resulting legal problems. Having a disaster recovery solution is the guarantee that the personal data of your customers and other stakeholders are easily retrieved.

Your company needs a disaster recovery plan if it wants to offer a good service to the Customer

The current consumer is increasingly informed and demanding, so he will not tolerate a service that is not available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We want everything now and having to wait for something can be a deciding factor for a non-purchase. A temporary unavailability can mean big business losses and major clients that don’t come back. The disaster recovery solution ensures that your systems are quickly up and running, so in most cases customers will not even notice that there was a problem with the company.

Your business need a disaster recovery plan if you want to have high levels of performance

If there is a computer problem and if important data is lost, the only alternative is to redo the work that has been done previously. This leads to a great loss of productivity and, at the same time, to a great lack of motivation on the part of the collaborators. Having an up-to-date backup of the data included in a disaster recovery solution will allow the company’s revenue to not be affected, because even in the event of a computer disaster, employees will have access to the information and systems they need to work.

Your business need a disaster recovery plan if you want to ensure data recovery in all scenarios

Nowadays, the question that arises is not whether your company will be attacked, but when is this attack going to happen. As much as your company protects itself, nothing guarantees 100 percent that it will not suffer an attack. Therefore, the company must be prepared for the probable eventuality of a successful attack, creating a solution in which it is possible to go back in time until the moment before the intrusion, effectively replacing a reliable image of data, systems and applications.


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