How can disaster recovery protect your business?

Como é que o disaster recovery pode proteger a sua empresa?

We live in a time when virtual threats are becoming more frequent and it is virtually mandatory to think about disaster recovery plans in companies. Fortunately, the technology has advanced at a good pace, so we have at our disposal solutions that allow us to recover the data even in the event of more extreme attacks or disasters. In today’s article, let’s see how disaster recovery can protect your business!

After a disaster, your business may simply disappear

The risk of working without a disaster recovery plan is enormous. Recent statistics show that companies that do not use this type of solution and suffer a computer attack are severely penalized: 43% of companies do not reopen and 51% close after three years of the attack. In addition to the evident financial losses that an attacked company has, the loss of data causes delays in the operation of the companies, losses of productivity and damages, often definitive, in the institutional image.

Eliminate (or substantially reduce) the probability of human error

Most problems with IT infrastructures happen due to human error, and many of these failures occur due to inadequate configuration by the company’s human resources. It is not worth painting a pink scenery in which the collaborators do not err: the human being is always going to make mistakes. Therefore, since it is impossible to eliminate the probability of human error, the most appropriate solution is to implement a disaster recovery solution that will allow you to minimize the impact of the mistakes made.

Set up a team responsible for the disaster area

In order for the disaster recovery plan to work properly, it is advisable to create a specialized team to solve any problems that may arise and to be responsible for the preventive actions. This crisis management team will also be responsible for detecting the losses and trying to recover the lost data, as well as the team responsible for training and raising the awareness of the organization’s employees on the importance of information protection.


About 30% of people who use a computer have never backed up. Many of these people don’t back up their personal information, but they also don’t guarantee copies of business information. A good technological infrastructure is as important today as having solid foundations that physically support the organization. Nowadays, data is one of the most important assets of a company and it is imperative to invest heavily in data security to survive and win in such a competitive business world. Thinking about the need to protect business data in the most effective way possible, IT PEERS has prepared an e-book where you will find everything you need to know to protect your information!

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