Get to know which option to choose: Cloud storage or backup

Saiba qual opção escolher: storage ou backup na Cloud

Cloud is already a prime choice for most companies that use this technology to store their data. Cloud offers a number of advantages, including cost savings, simple management, high security and easy access to data from anywhere in the world with Internet access. However, despite the increasing use of the cloud, there are still many companies that wonder, “should I use the cloud as a storage system or just as a backup of my data?”, “Is the cloud as safe as they say?” . Although they look similar, cloud storage and backup are different, as their data usage is different. However, these two options are complementary and not rival. In today’s article, we’ll learn about the differences between these two technologies so you know which option to choose: cloud storage or backup!

Storage or backup

Cloud backup ensures that data is automatically stored on virtual servers (while being stored in the internal structure). In a disaster scenario, these servers quickly restore data. Therefore, even if the company’s physical infrastructure is damaged, it ensures that data remains secure and readily accessible so that the business can continue to operate in its normal mode. This option is extremely useful in organizations that cannot stop (and, truth be told, no business can afford to stop operations today). The cloud infrastructure is very flexible and supports different types of backups.

With cloud storage, users can access data from anywhere in the world as long as they have access to the Internet. It has immense benefits for companies looking for interdepartmental work and needing to edit common documents and files. This option allows you to define various permission levels according to hierarchy, for example. There are documents that can only be read by certain contributors, while others can be edited. This option allows the company not to have to invest in an internal storage system, thus avoiding maintenance and upgrade costs. Companies that use this type of storage pay only for what they use. However, companies should be aware that this model does not have an associated backup service, so each organization should ensure that data remains copied to another infrastructure (either physical or virtual).

Which solution to choose?

The option you should choose is the one that best fits the IT strategy defined by your organization. We advise you to use a referral partner who has proven safety and efficiency. Whatever your choice, the management of your information will be handled by the service provider, so it is essential that you have a relationship of absolute trust with the partner of your choice.

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