5 Tips To Avoid Losing Important Data In Your Business

5 Dicas para evitar a perda de dados importantes na sua empresa

The value of companies lies in the quality of the information they have. More than ever, business data is critical to the success of organizations, and no business can neglect information security. We live in an age where cyber attacks take place at a dizzying speed and are increasingly sophisticated. In addition, companies also risk losing information due to natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes. Therefore, it is essential that companies protect their data. We leave you 5 important tips to prevent data loss!

Protect sensitive data with masking

Tools like Datapeers help you ensure the privacy of your data. Through sophisticated data masking techniques, Datapeers ensures the privacy and protection of information in all environments. Data masking aims to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access. In practice, data masking tools create a version similar to the original data in terms of structure but without revealing its true information. In fact, its original format remains unchanged, but the data presented is fictitious. At a time when it is so important to protect personal data due to GDPR, data masking tools will be increasingly sought after.

Reduce use of removable devices

Pens, CDs, and external disks can be the gateway to many dangerous software for the corporate network, putting information security at risk. It is something we use almost daily, but we should avoid it as it can be fatal to the organization. As it is not possible to completely eliminate the use of these devices, it is important to restrict and regulate their use on some machines to prevent viruses from spreading. by the organization.

Minimize Data Storage

The more data you have, the greater the risk of losing it! Many companies store all kinds of data and then end up doing nothing with it, putting themselves in a more vulnerable position. So it is very important to store only the data you really need. This is especially true at marketing level. There is no point in creating forms with many fields that require personal data from users, as you may not need to use all the data you collect.

Get Cloud Backup

Unfortunately, there are still many companies that do not take backup seriously. It is very important for a company to ensure that their data remains accessible even in the event of extreme disaster. Cloud storage is one of the best options today because it allows for greater security with a lower investment. Backup should be done automatically to minimize the likelihood of human error and, whenever possible, there should be two copies of the information to ensure that nothing is lost.

Use a disaster recovery solution

Nothing can guarantee you that your business will not be attacked. That’s why the best solution is prevention through a disaster recovery solution. A disaster recovery solution is a very complete process that ensures data protection and disaster recovery. Backup is part of disaster recovery, but it is just one of its components. Disaster recovery is a very complete solution since in addition to copying data it also ensures its efficient recovery in case of natural disasters or infrastructure failures. This type of solution is aimed at eliminating (or at least largely minimizing) a company’s downtime due to failures. RAAS is a disaster recovery service fully managed by expert staff and gives you the possibility to recover a virtual server in seconds.

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