Meet Rule 3-2-1 for Backing Up Your Data

Conheça a regra 3-2-1 para o backup dos seus dados

Backing up business information often is a basic rule for any organization, but there are still many people who don’t take the data copy seriously enough. Not having up-to-date backups of your business information is a very serious mistake as it can lead to permanent loss of information. Losing all your business information is a nightmare you certainly don’t want to live with. Losing your business data and the personal data of customers, suppliers and partners can lead a company to its failure. In today’s article, we covered the importance of rule 3-2-1 for backing up your data!

How Rule 3-2-1 Works

The backup strategy 3-2-1 means that you must have two backup copies, being in two different locations. It is advised that one copy be stored in a tangible location, such as an external disk, and the other stored in the Cloud. This ensures that your data is not lost even in the event of a computer disaster. Rule 3-2-1 is critical today as there are more and more dangers that can lead to data loss. Your primary storage may have problems and an external disk may malfunction and have no solution, but if you have a copy in the Cloud, you will be able to access data through any device as long as you have access to the Internet.

Why is cloud storage so important?

Greater security for your data

Storing data on physical servers is a risk as accidents happen more often than we want! A glass of water spilled on the CPU, a thunderstorm, a fire, and human error all pose a threat to data security. When backing up to the Cloud, one virtual server is easily replaced with another, thus ensuring the security of your data.


By storing your information on the Cloud, you don’t have to be in the office to be able to access all your data. Cloud allows you to be able to access everything from anywhere and from any device as long as you have access to the Internet. Given that the world of work is increasingly mobile, it is one of the biggest advantages of Cloud.

Constant backup

No need to worry about backup dates, as Cloud data is automatically recorded and you don’t have to worry about it constantly. You will no longer risk losing that document you have been working on all day! And you no longer have to worry about clicking the “Save” button every five minutes.


Your business becomes more sustainable and environmentally friendly by using cloud storage as it will reduce power consumption and the number of paper documents. So you end up with less electricity costs, increasing the benefits for your business. And the environment also says “thank you”!

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