The biggest issues caused by data loss

Os maiores problemas causados pela perda de dados

Data loss in companies is one of the biggest concerns for IT managers. Business cannot stop, and because of the increasing number of threats, it is critical to take the necessary steps to keep the business active even after data loss. Information security is a hot topic by 2020 and in this article we present the biggest issues caused by data loss in companies!

Costs to recover data

Recovering lost or stolen data is no easy task as physical, electrical and hard disk repairs may be required. You also need to resolve issues that result from corrupted data. Data recovery actions are complex and require close attention. Therefore, cloud storage is advised. Cloud storage is one of the best options today, as it enables greater security with a lower investment. Backup should be done automatically to minimize the likelihood of human error and, whenever possible, there should be two copies of the information to ensure that nothing is lost.

Fines and penalties

Data loss in companies can result in fines, as with GDPR. The new GDPR bets heavily on enforcement and penalties by imposing high fines on violators. In cases of minor violations it may reach 10 million euros or 2% of the group’s worldwide turnover, and in the most serious cases it may reach 20 million euros or 4% of the worldwide turnover.

Loss of Financial Information

Loss of bank data is a problem and this information is the favorite of hackers. Losing financial data can become a real nightmare, as the financial damage could be huge. To avoid this problem some care is required. We should not connect our devices to public networks such as airports and hotels. You should never enter important personal data when you are connected to such a network. If you are out of the office and need to access important information, you should always use a VPN connection. A virtual private network (VPN) is a type of private connection that uses a public network to access your business data. It contains connection encryption that prevents data interception and IP tracking. This is the safest way to access company data over public networks, and it should be the only way the company allows employees to access corporate email outside the internal network.

Loss of Customers

Ultimately, due to data theft and exposure companies can lose customers as trust is broken the moment customers know that the company does not effectively protect their data. Plus, gaining new customers can become truly difficult once a company has seen their data exposed.

Nothing can guarantee you that your business will not be attacked. That’s why the best solution is prevention through a disaster recovery solution. A disaster recovery solution is a very complete process that ensures data protection and disaster recovery. Backup is part of disaster recovery, but it is just one of its components. Disaster recovery is a very complete solution since in addition to copying data it also ensures its efficient recovery in case of natural disasters or infrastructure failures. This type of solution is aimed at eliminating (or at least largely minimizing) a company’s downtime due to failures. RAAS is a disaster recovery service fully managed by expert staff and gives you the possibility to recover a virtual server in seconds.

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