How to achieve business continuity in a disaster scenario?

Como conseguir a continuidade do negócio num cenário de desastre?

When disaster occurs, it is difficult to continue normal business operations. The teams are stressed and the level of tension in the organization increases exponentially. In an era when data is so highly valued in companies, there is great awareness of the need to protect information even in the most extreme scenarios. In today’s article, we will see how you can achieve business continuity in a disaster scenario!

First of all, be proactive

It is important to take proactive action with regard to computer disasters, because if you don’t have an action plan, it will be virtually impossible to ensure that the company quickly returns to its normal state. Implement preventive measures to prevent problems from occurring that put your company’s security at risk. Using antivirus and backing up frequently to the Cloud are two examples of preventive measures that will make all the difference in the event of a computer attack. And above all, use a solution like RAAS. RAAS is a disaster recovery service fully managed by a specialized team and gives you the possibility to recover a virtual server in seconds. Talk to us and learn more about this solution!

Have a responsible team in case of a computer attack

When disaster happens, you need to know the role that each person will play. In a time of stress, the IT manager should not waste time delegating tasks and assigning roles: those roles must be previously assigned. It is essential to form the team on the methods to be adopted in the event of a computer disaster and each employee must know what role he will play at the time the disaster occurs.

Verify the state of your infrastructure

It is mandatory to carry out a complete and detailed assessment of the entire IT infrastructure of the company, which includes hardware, data, various software, among other components. From this analysis, you will be able to understand the real conditions of the company and you will understand which elements the organization has at its disposal and which are actually used and which cannot fail so that the company continues to function fully. And after having a thorough assessment, it will be easier to act according to the real needs of the company.

Define which data is the priority in the recovery process

It is necessary to define the priority data, that is, the data that needs to be recovered in the first place and, as a rule, the data and applications, workloads, virtual machines, applications, among other important information for the operation of the business are part of this set. This is a very important point since if any element fails, the business can be truly compromised.


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