Get to know the importance of IT redundancy for the operation of your business

Entenda a importância da redundância em TI para a operacionalidade do seu negócio

Technology advances daily and it is impossible to find companies that don’t depend on it to survive. System failures can cause very serious problems, especially if they reach customers. Therefore, it is increasingly common to see companies embracing IT redundancy. Redundancy is essential to ensure the high availability of systems, networks and data. Repeating critical components for the operation of a service, it is possible to create greater reliability, because even in case of failures in the primary system, a secondary system is activated. The main objective of IT redundancy is to guarantee the continuous use of the service and to avoid data loss. This is done with alternative energy sources, different storage locations and redundant devices. Let’s see in today’s article how important IT redundancy is for the operation of your business!

Why is redundancy so important?

Redundancy means expressing the same idea in different words. In IT, the term is used to describe the duplication of critical components, thus increasing the security of the system and ensuring its total availability. IT redundancy is very important because if there is only one web server, in a moment of failure everything is paralyzed. In an era when we are so dependent on technology and where end users are increasingly demanding, a system outage can put business continuity in question. If there is a web server identical to the infrastructure, at the time of failure the devices direct traffic to the server that is still functioning. The operation of the business remains normal and customers do not even realize that there was a failure.

How can we get a system redundant?

Energy sources

Redundancy consists of using batteries that guarantee the continuity of work in a place even if the power grid is unavailable. It is also advisable to invest in energy generators that take over the loads of the system until the stabilization of the public energy network.


The network redundancy guarantees the repetition of modular equipment in the network supply and requires at least two different Internet connections. The goal is to ensure that there is a connection even if there are component or service failures. Thus, if a company’s Internet provider is at fault, there must be an another option. It will be interesting that the secondary connection is made by wireless, because if the problem is physical there will still be a connection to the network.


Data redundancy is one of the most important today, as information is increasingly important in the business world. It is necessary to ensure that information is always available, even in the case of computer attacks. For this reason, it is increasingly important to implement a disaster recovery solution that combines the policies and procedures necessary to ensure the recovery of information and the rapid return to normality in the event of a disaster or computer attack. RAAS is a disaster recovery service fully managed by a specialized team and gives you the possibility to recover a virtual server in seconds. Talk to us and learn more about this solution.



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