What types of attacks are there?

Que tipos de ataques informáticos existem?

New technologies are great for our productivity but they are also a threat to information security. As technology evolves, information protection must also evolve. At this stage when the world is going through a period of pandemic due to the coronavirus, there are many computer attacks that proliferate throughout the world. But what types of computer attacks are there? That’s what we’ll find out in this article!


This is a type of trojan (Trojan horse) and allows access and control of the affected system. The person responsible for the attack can change, delete or install files, that is, someone external to your computer can do whatever you want on your device.

DoS attack

This type of attack is an overload on a server or a computer in order to make resources unavailable to the user.

DDoS attack

This type of attack is nothing more than a master computer using several other computers to attack a particular website. This computer attack is an evolution of DoS.


Eavesdropping is a technique widely used by hackers that violates confidentiality, exposing all private data on a particular server.


Spoofing is a technique that falsifies the IP (internet protocol), falsifying communication between devices and pretending to be a credible source.

Social engineering

This is a technique that derives from psychology and explores human errors as a tool. It happens very often in Google questionnaires that ask us for passwords and confidential data.

How to protect yourself from a computer attack?

No matter how many steps you take, you will never be 100% guaranteed that you will not suffer a computer attack. For this reason, the best way to protect yourself is prevention and for that we suggest the use of a disaster recovery solution such as RAAS. RAAS is a very complete solution that, in addition to copying data, also guarantees its efficient restoration in the event of natural disasters or infrastructure failures. This type of solutions has the main objective of eliminating (or at least minimizing on a large scale) a company’s downtime due to failures. RAAS is a disaster recovery service fully managed by a specialized team and gives you the possibility to recover a virtual server in seconds. Even if you are attacked, you will quickly be able to return to normal operation. In a time of such uncertainty, it is essential to value prevention.

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