Tips for Creating an Effective Security Policy

Dicas para criar uma política de segurança eficaz

The protection of information of companies is the theme of the moment, due to the arrival of the new general regulation of protection of data. Companies are increasingly digital and without the prevention of data loss, their security is seriously compromised. Corporate security policy is an essential tool to ensure your data remains safe. In today’s article, we leave you important tips for creating an information security policy in your company.

What is a security policy?

The security policy is a document developed by the company that records the principles of security that the company adopts and that must be followed by the employees. The security policy should be applied to all information systems, both desktop and mobile. For policy to be respected, it is essential that top managers participate in the implementation.

How to create a good information security policy?

  • Define employee accountability: establish fines for misuse of company IT resources. There should also be rules on access to websites and recommendations on the use of the provided electronic devices.
  • Training: there should be practical training in the presentation of information security policy. The company must collect individual statements from its employees, committing themselves to comply with the rules contained in the document. This manual should be easily accessible to employees and should be reviewed frequently so that it is kept up-to-date.
  • Name a person in charge: the company must appoint a responsible person to monitor compliance with the information security policy. This employee should be responsible for detecting breaches and violations of the rules.
  • Make the security policy known: the document must be approved by the company’s human resources department. The rules in this document must be in accordance with the labor laws and the internal manual of the employees. After approval by the human resources, top managers should also do their approval.
  • Adopt a disaster recovery plan: disaster recovery plans are essential for planning actions that ensure that a disaster does not interfere with the company’s performance. In addition to this proactive action, disaster recovery plans also have a reactive action, through the action of carrying out emergency actions, previously planned and that guarantee the immediate resolution of problems. Disaster recovery is still defined as the set of procedures to be performed in crisis situations. The ultimate goal is to leapfrog your company data so your information stays safe and sound.


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