7 Super Useful Tips to Increase Business Productivity

7 dicas super úteis para aumentar a produtividade empresarial

The day-to-day business is very hectic and full of things to do. Every day we strive to be as productive as possible, but we cannot always accomplish all the tasks we have set out. Increasing business productivity is something that all managers are looking for. However, we often feel that tasks multiply and time doesn’t stretch, so it is critical to adopt the best strategies to increase productivity. In today’s article, we leave you 7 super useful tips to boost your productivity!

Leaving for tomorrow what you can do today is not a solution!

Although we always have a lot of tasks to do, there are days when we have been able to be quick and we prefer to leave for tomorrow some tasks that could be completed today. This is a very common mistake in companies, but it should be avoided to the maximum as we never know the urgent tasks that can arise the next day. Do not procrastinate and if you have extra time at the end of the day go ahead with the next day’s tasks. The next morning, you’re going to be very happy to get a task done!

Integrate processes

The approach of the employees of the different departments reduces the bureaucracies and improves the streamlining of the processes. It is important that there are frequent meetings to know what each team is doing and also to have plans for the future defined. It is essential that information between departments flow quickly and naturally so that each department doesn’t have to wait for others to know what is going on.

Use a BAM system

An automated management system such as Multipeers allows all company information to be concentrated in one place and makes access to data easier for all employees. This speed in access to information allows faster and more conscious decisions to be made, avoiding delays in performing tasks. The integrated information allows you to create reports in real time, allowing the immediate detection of any problems that compromise the workflow. In addition, it also has advantages for decision making as it proves more conscious and effective information!

Learn to stay focused

The most productive people know that doing several things at the same time decreases effectiveness when performing each task and can compromise the quality of it. To be more productive you must keep your focus and concentration on one task at a time. Get out of the environment around you and find ways to really focus on what you are doing. Some people concentrate better if they are listening to music, while others privilege silence!

Obligate to stop throughout the day

Even if you have lots of things to do, you should not spend all day in front of the computer. Breaks during the work day are compulsory. If you spend all day sitting in front of the computer, you will feel more quickly tired and will eventually become deconcentrated. The breaks during the day are very beneficial because you rest your head for a few minutes and live with your colleagues, which may even contribute to the resolution of the task at hand!

Setting priorities is a priority!

It is true that every day you have many things to do, but you have to be realistic: it is not a machine and will only be able to fulfill what is humanly possible. So set a priority list for your day and start with the most urgent tasks. Go doing visas throughout the day to feel you are fulfilling your goals and to stay motivated. Seeing you’re “clearing” your to-do list, you’ll feel better for the next tasks! This will make it easier to prioritize your tasks and keep them on schedule.

Set a time for sending and replying to emails

Having notifications that tell you every time you receive an email is one of the biggest mistakes we all make. Constantly looking at the email box robs us a lot of time without taking it for granted, it takes away our concentration and does not allow us to focus on what really matters at that moment. You should set a time, twice a day for example, to check your email. This will keep you focused on reading your new messages and keep your focus on the work day without interrupting anything.


Analyzing the business in real time is the trend of the future and more and more companies choose to use business monitoring tools like Multipeers. Using this tool, it is possible to know what is happening in the company at all times. It also allows the definition of business alerts so that the user is alerted whenever something goes astray.


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