Find how disaster recovery can save your business

These days, no company is free of suffering any kind of disaster, whether natural or caused by human error. Threats are increasingly sophisticated and most companies still do not take this seriously because they have no way to quickly recover from a disaster, which inevitably puts daily productivity and information security at risk. A disaster recovery plan is an essential tool to ensure that the most important business data stays safe even in the most extreme situations. But how can disaster recovery save your business?

The human being fails and there is no denying it

Most problems with IT infrastructures happen due to human error, and many of these failures occur due to inadequate configuration by the company’s human resources. It is not worth painting a pink scenery in which employees do not err. Thus, since it is impossible to eliminate the probability of human error, the best solution is to implement a disaster recovery solution that will allow you to minimize the impact of the mistakes made.

Disaster recovery minimizes financial losses

The loss of data in a company can be fatal, even leading to its bankruptcy. In addition, a company that sees your data exposed will need to recover its good image and recover the trust with customers and other stakeholders. According to Gartner, only 35% of small and medium-sized companies are committed to a disaster recovery plan and these are the ones that can most easily succeed after a crisis. Adopting disaster recovery solutions will minimize the damage caused by a computer disaster!

Backup policy included

In the hectic business day-to-day, many managers and IT managers eventually forget about it. It is critical that companies have the habit of keeping copies of the most important information in a separate system, preferably in the Cloud. In this way, they guarantee that even in case of a computer attack they do not lose the most valuable information. The moment you are attacked, you will feel more relaxed as you have your important data secure. Disaster recovery solutions automatically back up your information, allowing you to always have a copy of the most important data for your business.

Most satisfied customers

The current consumer is increasingly informed and demanding, so he will not tolerate a service that is not available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. An infrastructure outage can mean heavy business losses and significant customer losses. With a disaster recovery service, downtime is drastically reduced and, in many cases, users of a service do not even realize that something has happened in the company!


A disaster recovery solution is a very complete process that guarantees data protection and recovery in case of failure. Backup is part of disaster recovery, but it is only one of its components. Disaster recovery is a very complete solution since in addition to copying the data also ensures its restoration efficiently in case of natural disasters or infrastructure failures. This type of solution has as a great objective to eliminate (or at least to minimize in large scale) the downtime of a company due to failures. RAAS is a disaster recovery service totally managed by specialized equipment and gives you the possibility to recover a virtual server in seconds.

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