5 Essential technologies for your company in 2019

5 Tecnologias imprescindíveis para a sua empresa em 2019

The world of technology is constantly evolving, so it is imperative to follow what is happening in this environment so that you are always one step ahead of your competition. New products and new ways of managing IT come up frequently and the offer io varied that it becomes difficult to perceive what is most appropriate for our business. In today’s article, we selected 5 essential technologies for your company in 2019!

AIOPS: Artificial intelligence for IT Operations

This new form of IT management allows a move away from isolated operations management and provides intelligent insights that promote automation and collaboration to provide continuous improvement. AIOps uses big data, data analysis and machine learning to provide insights and a greater level of automation. Thus IT operations do not depend so much on human interaction to perform the management tasks required by modern infrastructure and software. In this way, human interaction is reduced in routine tasks and human resources are released to other areas of added value. AIOps solutions consume data from various resources and then store and provide access to them, enabling more advanced analysis.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data is the term that describes the immeasurable volume of data (structured or otherwise) that has a daily business impact. More important than the amount of data, is what companies can effectively do with this data. Big Data is associated with 3 V’s: data volume, data variety, and data speed. Big Data relates to huge amounts of data produced by human interaction with technology, plus the information that is generated by communication between machines. The variety of data relates to the multiple sources of information that companies deal with daily (posts on social networks, financial information, marketing information, among many others). The speed with which data is produced is increasing and companies need to use tools such as Multipeers that allow them to analyze in real time what is going on in the business.

Process automation

The tasks performed manually take much longer than those that can be performed by software, and this is one of the main advantages of automating processes for companies. An automated system will allow a given task to be scheduled once and from that time it will be repeated accurately and effectively, consuming less time and eliminating the likelihood of error. When processes are automated, employees become more productive and this is very good for the company’s finances. The automation of the processes contributes to the reduction of losses and optimizes the production. A good example is that automated systems are thought to save energy when they are not producing.


Blockchain is very fashionable due to the increasing use of crypto-coins, but its use goes far beyond that. This technology makes transaction logging much more secure. This technology has innovated in the way of recording information, which provides a new way of working with data in the web world. However, Blockchain is not only used in the world of crypto-coins. Also in the area of ​​health this technology can be used, since it allows a registry of all data movement, which increases the security of the same. 2019 will be the year of solidification of this technology.


Chatbots are the stars of artificial intelligence. They are linked to the company’s database and use common language to talk to customers. They are able to recognize names and phone numbers to predict customer behavior. They are very intelligent systems in that they store the essential information so they can refer customers to the areas they need to consult. Ryanair, for example, already uses this system to talk to customers. More and more companies are using this functionality and it is expected that in 2019 there will be a great increase in their use.

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