Tips To Avoid Data Loss In Managing Your Business

Dicas para evitar perda de dados na gestão do seu negócio

Losing valuable business information puts the entire organization at risk. In addition, losing information forces employees to redo work, which causes demotivation. Today, companies are generating thousands of data every day, and it is essential that companies take precautionary measures to prevent data loss from happening. In today’s article, we will know very important tips to prevent data loss in managing your business!

Protect your workstation

Keep your work tools up to date and protected. Keep your computer with an up-to-date antivirus and have a good password policy. They may sound like simple gestures, but they are the first steps to keeping your information protected. Often the entry into systems is through unprotected computers and an email with a malicious link is enough to compromise all information security.

Back up information

If you don’t have a copy of your information, you will not be able to recover it if it is lost. Therefore it is essential to have a strict backup policy. And currently, the most recommended backup is cloud backup due to the high level of security it offers. Cloud backup ensures that data is automatically stored on virtual servers (while being stored in the internal structure). In a disaster scenario, these servers quickly restore data. Therefore, even if the company’s physical infrastructure is damaged, it ensures that data remains safe and accessible immediately so that the business can continue to operate in its normal mode. This option is extremely useful in organizations that cannot stop (and, truth be told, no business can afford to stop operations today). The cloud infrastructure is very flexible and supports different types of backups.

Reduce the use of removable devices

Pens, CDs, and external disks can be the gateway to many dangerous software for the corporate network, putting information security at risk. It is something we use almost daily, but we should avoid it as it can be fatal to the organization. Since it is not possible to completely eliminate the use of these devices, it is important to restrict and regulate their use on some machines to prevent viruses from spreading. by the organization.

Minimize Data Storage

The more data you have, the greater the risk of losing it! Many companies store all sorts of data and then end up doing nothing with it, putting themselves in a more vulnerable position. So it is very important to store only the data you really need. This is especially true at marketing level. There is no point in creating forms with many fields that require personal data from users, as you may not need to use all the data you collect.

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