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How to protect your information on this black friday?

Como proteger a sua informação nesta black friday?

Everywhere we see advertising about Black Friday. This is the day that marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season with high promotions in many retail stores and department stores. Inevitably, this day stimulates consumption and we all want to take advantage of the friendly prices that are practiced on this day. However, we cannot forget the security of our information when we make these purchases online. We leave you the best tips so you can shop safely on this black friday!

Confirm that the site you are buying is really secure

There are many sales sites that can capture your browsing data and thus offer you more targeted advertising according to your preferences. And there are websites that offer you exactly what you are looking for but are not safe and just want to keep your bank details for illegal acts. Never put your credit card number on websites that don’t start over HTTPS. Sites that don’t contain this certificate are not secure.

Shop on Protected Equipment

Nowadays, we can shop anywhere and through any device. But, we cannot neglect the safety of the equipment we use. All equipment on which we shop online must be protected with antivirus. You should also be careful not to connect to public internet networks when you make an online purchase. Theft of bank data on these networks happens very often. You should also be careful to log out of all the sites where you shopped.

Be careful with the transaction

You should keep the warranty for the products you purchase if you need to exchange or return them. More than ever before, you must carefully examine your bank statement on this day to be sure that you have not been charged more than the purchased product.

Check for customer support

A good e-commerce site should have a number to call if you have any questions, and support you if you need to complain. Privilegie a site that has online chat for quick service, but also have other forms of contact, such as a phone number and an email address. This care on Black Friday assures you that you will not have unpleasant surprises during the negotiation process.

Be wary of offers too generous

Black Friday does indeed have fantastic discounts, but you have to be careful not to fall into the mistake that someone will give you something. Many malicious websites take advantage of this day to try to fool consumers into stealing personal data. Offers of 90% or free products are always mistrustful. Do not put your personal information on sites that have these types of offers. In the vast majority of cases, it is an attempted fraud.

Do not open all emails

Email is a very fast vehicle for spreading viruses and stealing personal data. Every day you should be concerned not to open emails from unknown recipients and with attachments with strange names. But on Black Friday this care should be redoubled!

Be aware and prudent on this Black Friday and guarantee that it protects your personal data. When these fall into the wrong hands you can have serious problems!

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