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Data Loss in Business: What to Do to Minimize Impact?

Perda de dados nas empresas: o que fazer para minimizar o impacto?

“It is worth more to be safe than sorry”: this ancestral truth is still present today, especially in the area of ​​information protection of companies. The data that companies collect daily and with which they work are valuable assets for effective and conscious decision making. There are more and more threats to information security, so companies need to be equipped with the best data protection tools. However, no tool is so effective that it guarantees 100 percent that data cannot be lost. Fortunately, there are some actions that can be taken to minimize the impact of data loss in companies and it is on this topic that today’s article focuses!

Encryption and data masking

Data encryption transforms information by using an algorithm so that there is no easy and perceivable access by third parties, but only by those who have the correct encryption key, the only key that can show the true content of the information. Data masking creates a version similar to the original data in terms of structure but without revealing its true information. Its original format remains unchanged but the data presented is fictitious. Masked data can be used in test and auditing environments without compromising the result of the analysis, but always ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information. Datapeers is a tool that offers a variety of sophisticated scrambling techniques to protect sensitive data, replacing them irreversibly with fictitious but realistic data.

Make backups frequently and in different environments

It is essential that the most important information of your company has several copies, so that there is no risk of being lost forever. If you saved the data on external disks or pen drives a few years ago, it is now completely advisable to use the Cloud because it is one of the most reliable solutions on the market. In addition to having your data stored in a secure location, you can access it from anywhere and from any device, as long as you have access to the Internet.

Cloud Recovery

It’s very important to have a recovery service in the Cloud, so that even in the case of the most serious computer disaster there is no total loss of data. RAAS is a dedicated infrastructure with selective replication. This service enables near-instant disaster activation on virtual servers in a remote environment. In this way, even in the case of more extreme disasters, the information is easily recovered, not interfering with the usual performance of the company.

Conditioned access in the company

In most cases, companies don’t condition access to certain documents by some employees, and this can compromise information security. It is important that each employee has access only to the data he or she really needs to work, otherwise, if there is a computer attack, it is difficult to find out where they came from. It is also essential that companies block access to sensitive information over unsafe public networks. In this way, the likelihood of external attacks is greatly minimized.


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