What can Big Data do for your business?

O que o Big Data pode fazer pela sua empresa?

Big Data is a term that is already part of the daily life of companies around the world. Big Data is the set of the immeasurable volume of data (structured or otherwise) that has impact on your day-to-day business. Much more important than the amount of data that is generated on a daily basis, is what companies can effectively do with this data, in order to increase the quality of their performance and to make the best decisions for the business. In today’s article, we answer the question: What can big data do for your business?

More Insights to Analyze Real-Time Information

Information grows at a very fast pace, which makes its analysis increasingly difficult, and Big Data aims to solve this problem. The ideal solution to not lose anything about your business is to analyze the data in real time to get the most out of the information. Products like Multipeers allow us to analyze every second what is happening with the business. In this way, you can make the most of the data to make the best decisions for the business.

More organized data collection

The data come from the most diverse channels and there are now so many sources of information that it becomes difficult to keep up with everything. Through Big Data it is possible to centralize the information and group it by categories. It is possible to be closer to the customer through the collection of data through questionnaires, applications, loyalty cards, interaction in social networks, among other instruments. The data collected is essential for realistic planning of marketing and communication actions. By having a better knowledge about the characteristics of customers, it is also possible to offer better after-sales service, which will increase customer satisfaction and your retention rate.

Increased effectiveness in decisions

More than knowing the market, companies are able, through Big Data, to use the data to change the business and increase the return on investment. Using analytical expertise allows companies to create new business indicators and analyze them more comprehensively and objectively. In this way, they will achieve better levels of income that will be reflected in the success of the business.


It is critical that companies have the right tools to be able to cope with the vast amount of data they are creating every day. Datapeers, for example, is an innovative solution that helps companies meet legal requirements and improve the quality of development processes, ensuring data protection and confidentiality. The new EU data protection regulation reinforces the importance of information and the increasing need to protect it.

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